Thursday, December 01, 2005


The beeping sound of sms.
The phone ring.
Standing at a crowded corner.
Staring at strangers walking about.
The TV on but you can't concentrate.
The food in the oven.
The single wine glass with your lipstick stain.
The click of a door opening.
Watching him finally walk in.
Honey, I’m home.

We are always waiting. Waiting for a call, an arrival, a promised sign…
The anxiety we face while waiting can never be described in words.
But the feeling blows us out of proportions…

We have all waited for someone…something to happen… at some point…at every point of our lives…
And the feeling is always the same…Or is it?

The feeling of waiting.
Makes us feel like we can't, no, we shouldn’t move…Don’t look anywhere, don’t stare at the gorgeous shoes in the window display. Don’t talk on the phone, he may be trying to call. Don’t go to the toilet. Just wait…

Why? The incredible guilt that the call, the sign, the promised arrival may just happen at that exact moment we choose to distract ourselves…So, we sit and wait… Just wait…

The telephone rings, you grab it and stare at it in anticipation…Is it? Is it? Is it? The adrenalin flowing through you – The quickened heart-rate…the oh so slight sweaty palms….

"Are we in love? -- Yes, since we’re waiting."
The other never waits.