Saturday, December 31, 2005

Stayin alive

Let me start by saying 'Hey' to all the wonderful people that have dropped by from Lisa's Bored Housewife page.
I saw a rise in the number of hits and I was wondering what was going on until I saw Lisa's link to me...
But guys, leave a comment will ya, I don't bite!

I'm really pissed off at the moment. For some reason I decided to change my commenting to Haloscan and now
1. I've LOST all my all comments and
2. I don't get email notifications anymore..

I am not that tech savvy so can't even go back to my regular commenting system ARRRRGGHHH

But on another note,
Lisa, I'm gonna have to start working on that marketing plan of yours. It'll be the first blog tour ever, I guess.

I was at this pub last night after work celebrating the end of the year with my office gang.
Quite a wild night I must add.
It all started with Mr President deciding to throw open the bar to the office at 5 pm.
Yeah Yeah we actually have a 'propah' bar in the office (It's advertising remember)
I honestly thought at that point it would just be basic wine being served.
But boy oh boy was I wrong.
Champagne bottles were being popped to start the new year celebrations (yeah at 5 pm on the 30th of December).
Bacardi, Smirnoff, Cabernet Sauvignon (my favorite) and Scotch were seen in every hand of the office.
I felt a bit bad for the accounting guys (they were desperately trying to tally the books for year ending) - Argh
In any case, the music blared from Mr President's computer speakers ranging from Harry Belafonte to Shiny Disco balls...
The party moved to a local pub that honestly I hate.
Its smoky, dark, over crowded and honestly way too loud for my liking.
But then, I guess I ain't as young as I used to be.
I got quite lucky though.
I managed to get myself a little table and a bar stool against a wall and decided to perch myself there for the rest of the night ...
The party started to get way better.
I have to admit the music rocked last night and way too much alcohol was being consumed.
People were dancing, the shiny disco ball kept flashing in my eyes putting me in a state of trance.
And then there was the high point of every evening out especially when there are a few single girls out.
"I will survive"
My throat still aches from all the singing. Well uhm it wasn't singing but screaming real loud to make sure the guys heard us - LOL
At somep point during the night they played 'Staying alive' too and something struck me to say - hmm thats the title for my blog tom.
It got me thinking
What am I stayin alive for or am I just stayin alive?