Thursday, March 02, 2006

You make me feel like a 'Natural Woman'

Picture this

Last night at dinner

Dinner at Oh! Calcutta

Food was divine as always

Mustard fish curry with steamed rice is to die for

(And no I did not miss chicken at all)

Me sitting there

Not yet cross legged but inching my way up

No face on (that in noojes talk means No Make-up)

And Mr Friend turns around and says

"Noojes, You're so UNWOMANLY'

I was not sure whether to laugh or cry

Was that a compliment or an insult

Mr Friend insisted on it being a compliment and went on to make a list of things that we so unwomanly about me...

Read on

Top 10 reasons for Noojes being 'Unwomanly' by Mr Friend

Reason 1
Noojes hates shopping
Noojes will never be found just browsing for no reason at all. She enters a store when she needs something and leaves right after getting it

Reason 2
Noojes drives fabulously
In a country where most women on the wheel are a disaster waiting to happen...Noojes is simply fabulous (even if I say so myself ;))

Reason 3
Noojes can reverse park up a hill
Not many men can do that! Trust me!

Reason 4
Noojes doesn't sit home and sulk
Its true. Believe it.

Reason 5
Noojes doesn't watch / count calories
Give Noojes a foundue any day and she'll eat it...Never counted a calorie in her life...But honestly its time she did

Reason 6
Noojes doesn't brush her hair a million times a day
She doesn't even carry a hair brush in her handbag...

Reason 7
Noojes doesn't mind going out without a face on
As long as its no where tremendously fancy, Noojes will go out without a face on...No wonder I'm still single...

Reason 8
Noojes isn't fascinated with lipstick and colours of lipstick
At most times, she doesn't even have lipstick on...

Reason 9
Noojes doesn't take long to get dressed
At times, she manages to get dressed quicker than the men after putting a face on

Reason 10
Noojes doesn't giggle after having a drink or two
Noojes can hold her wine...

I'm not sure if thats reason enough to call me unwomanly...

You decide...

But before you go, remember this...

Noojes loves high heels

Noojes loves jewellary

Noojes loves diamonds

Noojes loves Pink

Noojes loves being romantic

Noojes loves flowers especially orchids

Noojes loves having her manicures and pedicures

Now, You decide