Saturday, February 11, 2006

I know what you did last Valentines!

Not too long ago Lily, Jerry and I were talking well 'commenting' and somewhere along the way we decided to share a true story of Valentines day from our past...

So, as promised here it goes...

I was dating 'London boy' at the time

London boy was as close to 'Mr Big' (SATC) as far as I and all my friends were concerned

He was gorgeous, well mannered, rich, had good taste, spoke well and wore suits

He was perfect

London boy and I were quite the couple

Heads turned when we walked into a room

Women swooned and muttered stuff under their breath

It was fascinating

London boy postponed his trip back to London to spend Valentines day with me

13th Feb : Thursday night

London boy and I were having dinner at his hotel

11: 55 pm

11:56 pm

11: 57 pm

11: 58 pm

11: 59 pm

12:01 am


He said nothing

And to be honest, neither did I

I drove home and went to work the next morning

All the girls around me got flowers, phone calls

Hell, one girl even got a plane ticket

I got nothing

Not a call

Not an sms

Not even an e-mail

11 am


1 pm

2 pm

3 pm

Still nothing

And I didn't call either

Finally, at 4 pm, I get the awaited phone call

"Babe, listen..."

"Uh huh"

"I'm real busy, but be at the Mariott at 8 pm in a black dress...

"Uh huh"

"And don't be late, time is of essence"

"But... but..."

"Gotta run, see you at 8 in the lobby and remember, don't be late"

Still no Happy Valentines day


I was a bit peeved to be honest

7:45 pm

I'm sitting at a girlfriends house in a black dress waiting

Waiting for what, I don't know

7:50 pm

The phone rings

"Babe, where you?"

Still no Happy Valentines day

"I'm at a friends house"

"WHAT? Why aren't you on your way? I told you don't be late, time is of essence"

"Ok ok I'm leaving"

8: 15 pm

I drive into the Mariott and the lobby and valet manager are awaiting my arrival

I walk in

He stands there suited and booted

"You look lovely"

"Uh huh"

I'm still peeved

"Lets have a drink at the bar"

We walk down the stunning atrium to the bar and sit by the window facing the pool

"What do you want to drink"

"Wine, please"

"No, don't have wine now, have a cocktail"


A frozen margarita showed up and I sipped it slowly and slowly started to enjoy my evening

Still no Happy Valentines day

We finished the drink

"So, where do you want to have dinner?"

"You didn't book a table?"

"Well I've heard the buffet at the coffee shop is pretty good"

"I didn't dress up to have buffet, lets just sit here and have another drink"

No avail, I was dragged through the coffee shop and made to look at the buffet spread with escargot, caviar, fondue, a live pasta counter etc

"You're right, lets not eat here. Lets go someplace else but I have a couple of e-mails I need to send out from the business center before we go to dinner. So lets just go send off the e-mails and then we'll do dinner"

Locatted on the top floor of the hotel is the business center

French windows all the way through

He left me by a window and disappeared

I couldn't get over the stunning view

The pool divided into inlets

Fire torches lighting the pool

All overlooking the beach, the sea, the sky and the stars


Before I knew it, he was back

"I'm done. Lets go. But I want to show you something"

He walked me to the end of the business center

He walked me through a door

There, on the board room table of the business center were 12 different bouquets of flowers

Each a different kind of flower

At the end of the table by the french window was a candle lit dinner setting for two

With a single perfect rose on my plate (which I still have all dried up)

And the bottle of red wine

Not a word came out of my mouth

I just smiled

I glowed

London boy turned to the staff standing by the door

He asked him to leave

"But Sir, I have to serve dinner"

"God, gave me two hands, I can serve the lady"

With that, we were alone

Still no Happy Valentines day

Cut to a fabulous dinner that he served me course by course

Half way through the main course he looks at me and says

"Oh my God, we're late"

"Now what?"

He stood up and walked to the edge of the room

Turned off the lights

The only light in the room was the single candle and the light pouring in from outside

He pulled back my chair and stood me up

Walked me to the edge of the french window

The view was still spectacular

He looked at me and said










There was a complete fireworks display for me

"Happy Valentines Day Baby"

I just smiled

This is an actual story. No part has been fabricated.