Friday, May 05, 2006

Post no 100

When I started blogging I never imagined I would get here

I never imagined that there would be strangers in the world who's lives and daily tribulations would impact me

I never imagined I would write stuff about my boring life that people would want to read

I asked people what they wanted me to post about for my 100th post

You wanted to know 100 facts about Noojes

So, here goes...

  1. Noojes is one of my most popular nick names
  2. It stems from 'Nuj' which is part of my real name
  3. I've been called 'Nuj' since I was like 2 or 3 years old
  4. My sister in Nashville still calls me Nuj
  5. My sister is an artist and I cannot draw a straight line to save my life
  6. Most of my closest friends don't call me by my real name
  7. Some of the various names I've been called are Babes, AJ, Nuj, Noojes, Baby, Tweety, Billy etc
  8. My boss insists on calling me 'Mother-Hen'
  9. I love care bears - I still have the one since I was a child
  10. I've been hospitalised only once in my life - Sick with jaundice, typhoid and malaria all rolled into one - was there for 2 weeks (touch wood)
  11. I'm superstitious (Don't take scissors from others hands etc)
  12. I believe in the after life
  13. I have seen spirits more than once
  14. My maternal grandmother died in my arms
  15. I have unconditionally loved a man
  16. I still love him and will never stop
  17. I am loved by more than one
  18. I had my first boyfriend when I was 15
  19. He was my boyfriend till I was 21
  20. He left me for another woman (He never got her)
  21. Most of my ex boyfriends have invited me to their weddings
  22. More than one married man has hit on me and wanted to leave his wife for me - I've sent them right back to their wives
  23. I have lived in Australia for 2 years
  24. They were amongst the best 2 years of my life
  25. I can bake a mean cake
  26. I don't like to cook
  27. I am obsessed with my hands and feet
  28. I model my hands from time to time
  29. I love and hate my hair at the same time
  30. I love to travel
  31. I started flying internationally alone when I was around 9 or 10
  32. I prefer flying alone than with someone
  33. I have been to multiple cities in the US, England and France, multiple cities in Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and other places to name a few
  34. I have seen the Taj Mahal on a moonlit night and the Grand Canyon on a moonless night
  35. New York, San Fransisco and London are amongst my favourite cities in the world
  36. Australia is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen
  37. I want to go to Austria one day and attend the 'Sound of Music' tour
  38. I know the words to the entire movie - The Sound of Music
  39. I have seen snow but never seen it snowing
  40. I have 2 siblings, an elder brother and an elder sister - both married with kids
  41. I work in advertising and I love it
  42. In 8 years of working I've only changed my job once
  43. I am borderline OCD or so my friends say
  44. I never go anywhere without my mobile phone
  45. I save old smss' and read them over and over
  46. I have maintained a diary since I was in 5th grade
  47. The song I am known for is "I will survive"
  48. I don't cry easilly or often
  49. Small things in life make me happy
  50. There has been only one man that could order food for me without asking - We don't talk anymore
  51. I love red wine especially cabernet sauvignon
  52. I have converted alot of people into red wine drinkers
  53. I have never been married
  54. I never thought I would be 30 and single
  55. I'm not beautiful or pretty - just attractive
  56. I believe I am amongst the luckiest people in the world
  57. I don't believe in miraces, I rely on them
  58. I save everything and find it very hard to throw things away
  59. I love 'Sex and the City'
  60. I enjoy spending time with myself
  61. I read every single morning
  62. I rarely watch TV first thing in the morning
  63. I love music and cannot live without it
  64. Sarah McLachlan, Natalie Merchant and other strong female vocalists are amongst my favourite
  65. The song I'm addicted to at the moment is "Kind and Generous" by Natalie Merchant
  66. I cried at the Sarah McLachlan concert in Nashville
  67. I have attended concerts of Billy Joel and Elton John face to face, Simon & Garfunkel, Bryan Adams, Air Supply, Michael Jackson, Savage Gardens amongst others
  68. I love my car - I call her babe
  69. I eat french toast atleast twice a week - have been doing that since I was 5
  70. I am a gemini and am turning 30 this month
  71. I love wearing off shoulder and spagetti strap dresses and tops
  72. Orchids always make me smile
  73. Issey Miyake usually gets me into trouble - I still wear it
  74. When I wake up in the morning I always put my right foot on the ground first
  75. I always get up on the right side of the bed too - lol
  76. I love pictures - my room, my desk at work are filled with them
  77. Diamonds are Noojes best friend -ha ha kidding but honestly I do love diamonds
  78. I prefer cats to dogs
  79. Most kids love me
  80. 3 nephews and 2 nieces have trained me into being a good aunt
  81. I learnt how to play church hymns on an organ when I was a child (I'm Hindu)
  82. I still sing 'Abide with me' from time to time
  83. I rather spend money on expensive shoes than clothes
  84. I love wearing stilletoes with nicely pedicured feet
  85. I am a heavy packer - always over packing
  86. I have been wearing the same watch since I was 18 - My ex and I bought matching watches
  87. I am stingy with spending too much on myself - rather spend it on others
  88. Forgiving and forgetting is something I need to work on in my life
  89. I learnt the art of patience from a man - Thank You
  90. The number I love is 17 - No clue why
  91. I have been eating the same lunch on the same routine for pretty much 7 years - Creature of habit eh...
  92. As a child I learnt Ballet and the flute
  93. I love fondue
  94. I can eat chinese food really often
  95. I throw one big party a year on my birthday that is always over-attended
  96. I have never run out of food or alcohol at these parties
  97. I have been going to the same hotel to bring in my birthday every year for the last 4 years...going right back this year

Thats 97...I'm sure each one of you can come up with 3 things about me to complete the list...

And remember its still Be 'Nice to Noojes Month'