Saturday, January 27, 2007

Post no 200

Looks like we made it
Look how far we've come my baby
We mighta took the long way
We knew we'd get there someday
They said, "I bet they'll never make it"
But just look at us holding on
We're still together
Still going strong...

In case you haven't realised in the wonderful words of Shania Twain that was me singing to my blog and to a couple of my blogger buddies out there that have no idea how much they help keep my sanity in life

For post no 100, I had posted a 100 things about me

Well I definitely couldn't do 200 more just about me (that would be a bit much) so I figured I would dedicate this post to some memories that have been running through my head lately...

Some make me smile and some err are part of my memory bank

They may mean something to you or nothing at all, but they're my memories :)

I remember

  1. My first sip of wine of 2007 - I can taste it like it was yesterday
  2. The way the fresh air engulfed me when I first landed in Australia
  3. Stepping into my dorm room and wondering what life would be like
  4. Stepping into my new dorm room and saying "Its good to be home"
  5. The guy that stood in the rain with flowers waiting for me in the driveway on my birthday (So dramatic lol)
  6. The friend that hailed me down on the street on purpose just so that I wouldn't have to drive alone on awards day (I was winning that day)
  7. Chasing two girls sitting in a shopping cart going downhill screaming for their life
  8. I remember laughing when one of them broke her two front teeth (Bad me)
  9. Singing "I will survive" again and again and again and smiling everytime
  10. Hiding in my friends house from my parents (I had made a decision against their wishes)
  11. Being more scared than my nephews on the rides in Disneyworld and Universal Studios
  12. This other guy standing with his arms wide open outside his car waiting for me to come downstairs (Why do they do that?)
  13. My childhood friend's mothers hand made halwa (Indian sweet)
  14. Sitting on her swing and counting the number of cars that drove by
  15. The day that I had that awful car accident with my mouth filled with blood
  16. My first stitch on my body on my little toe and how I bawled
  17. Coming out of surgery and being told I didn't shut up while under general
  18. Listening to "If I said you had a beautiful body..." and having shivers down my spine
  19. Dancing in public at my friends wedding in front of all those people and being so embaressed
  20. Writing my diary on flights
  21. Crying like a maniac at airports
  22. Valentines day flowers
  23. The singles club dinners
  24. Allowing you to order for me everytime
  25. Fighting with my school principal because I believed I was right
  26. Singing the national anthem every morning in front of the assembly
  27. Winning the march past trophy every year
  28. Winning the best all rounder trophy at the end of school
  29. My father asking me who I had bribed to get the trophy (that made me cry)
  30. My first day at my first job
  31. Taking my nephews and neices shopping and loving every moment of it
  32. Walking down the streets of New York like I own the city
  33. Receiving 'strange transmissions'
  34. The colleague that sent lewd sms's to my phone
  35. Saying 'One-ty one' instead of eleven and being laughed
  36. My grandmother dying in my arms
  37. Being able to fit into 22" jeans
  38. Being thrilled cause 'he' looked at me and smiled in school today
  39. Playing monopoly for hours on end
  40. Swearing I would never become a perfectionist like her where powerpoints are concerned but doing exactly that *sigh*
  41. Being called 'tweety' all those years ago by man that eventually became my mentor, my second father
  42. Throwing up all over Heathrow airport and some stranger looking after me who claimed to know me and my friends (I still don't know who she is but thank you)
  43. My birthday bashes year on year - they are so much fun
  44. The first Tiffany blue box I received - I now have three :)
  45. Buying my first Tanjore painting and carrying it in my hand all the way back to Mumbai
  46. The day I confronted him about the other girl leaving her husband for him
  47. Me meeting the 'other girl' and sending her a bottle of champagne for her birthday
  48. Making a teddy bear drink a tequila shot at Hard Rock Cafe
  49. Sitting on the floor at Hard Rock Cafe in a circle doing shots
  50. Watching Mr Big on Sex and the city and thinking 'Oh my God I know you'
  51. Having a crush on Bruce Willis since Moonlighting
  52. Crying every time I watch 'Beaches'
  53. The first time I saw a spirit in human form
  54. Seeing her passed over grandmother sitting and brushing her hair at the dresser
  55. Going to the Gold Coast all alone and getting a speeding ticket
  56. Learning how to bake bread from you
  57. Making friends with you over khus khus chicken
  58. You calling me a rockstar and fruitcake in the same breath
  59. You using me
  60. My sister buying me a new care bear that just isn't the same
  61. The day I wore a Minnie mouse hairband and a little girl looked at me innocently asking me if was Minnie
  62. Getting my first pair of Pradas
  63. The hotel caught fire in Goa on new years eve
  64. My dorm catching fire and me having to run in with the firemen to pull the girls out cause they wouldn't let "men" touch them
  65. Going to a stranger's house in the outback to pee
  66. Staring at a kangaroo straight in the eye in the outback
  67. Starting this blog and wondering why
  68. Watching Sarah Mclachlan live in concert and crying
  69. Going to the club you used to own and listening to stories of days gone by
  70. The way everyone looked at me when I rode in your Porsche
  71. Jumping in and out of the London tube thinking I had lost my bangle
  72. Speaking broken french in Paris and actually getting by
  73. Looking at the view of Paris from the Sacre Coeur and thinking how absolutely beautiful it is
  74. Learning Latin American dancing
  75. Playing basketball with my newphews in the back yard
  76. The day I first saw my neice that we adopted
  77. The orchids that I got that were specially flown down from Thailand
  78. Checking into that hotel in New York that scared the daylights out of me
  79. You saving my life by getting me out of there
  80. My first date
  81. Friends that I don't speak to anymore
  82. Sitting on a flight and not saying a word to you the whole way
  83. Carrying an unknown child on a flight just to help the mother out
  84. Doing laundry in my sisters house and feeling right at home
  85. My brother not talking to me when I rejected his help to get me a job
  86. My brother finally being proud of what I achieved at work on my own merit
  87. The look in my fathers eyes when I gave him a TV as a gift
  88. Sitting on the floor at Miami airport just waiting waiting waiting
  89. You changing the music system in your car just to attach my i-pod
  90. The secret place in the middle of no-where that I will never find again even if I try
  91. The bus ride in Goa
  92. Pulling out your lenses while you stepped on my toes with your high heels
  93. Helping you cross the road in NYC eight months pregnant
  94. Eating Coles bbq chicken every friday evening before going out partying
  95. You hiding in the bathroom just so that you wouldn't have to say goodbye face to face
  96. The day I realised that I live in a bubble and I never want it to burst
  97. Travelling alone internationally on a flight as a minor
  98. My 13th birthday
  99. My 21st birthday
  100. My 30th birthday
  101. My 22nd birthday in Australia away from family
  102. Holding a koala bear in my arms
  103. Holding my 10 minute old neice in my arms (the youngest living child I had ever carried)
  104. Singing 'Forever Young' at my nephews first birthday
  105. My father giving me my triple ring which I have never taken off
  106. Having professional photos taken for the first time
  107. Modelling my hands
  108. Being hospitalised for 2 weeks
  109. My first mobile phone
  110. Buying the watch that I still wear since 12 years
  111. Learning horseriding in Yangchep
  112. Sitting by the Swan riverbank writing poetry
  113. Holding your hand in hospital during your MRI scans
  114. You coming to my birthday party at 2 30 am
  115. You baking a cake for me for my birthday which was outstandingly yummy
  116. You throwing me a birthday party because I didn't want to step out and celebrate
  117. Getting the JW Marriott to print special Sex and the City menus for my birthday with my photo on them
  118. Celebrating my half birthday - making me cut a cake et al
  119. Coming home with 14 bouqets of flowers on Valentines day and my father asking me if I was dating a florist
  120. You throwing up on the table at that expensive restaurant in Singapore
  121. Meeting HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
  122. Seeing Tamil Nadu through your eyes
  123. Feeling the spirit on that trip and you feeling it too
  124. Being woken up at 4 am in Goa just to sit by the pool till sunrise
  125. Hiding things under my bed when my mother asked me to clear up my room
  126. Making my bed every single day when I lived in Australia before I left the room
  127. Making you eat Ceaser salad with anchovies even though you were vegetarian
  128. Eating a whole packet of Cheetos - just coz I was upset
  129. Getting my first Mont Blanc pen
  130. Taking sips of my dads whiskey when he wasn't looking
  131. Partying in Pune with you
  132. Getting invited to your wedding
  133. Knowing that you were lying to me even though you pretended to be my friend
  134. Telling you to tell your husband to be a man
  135. Singing in a bar in St Martin
  136. Getting stuck for 3 days during the Mumbai floods
  137. Driving through a cyclone for the first time
  138. Eating french toast as a child
  139. Hiding under cars during hide n seek
  140. Being bullied
  141. Finding out you were bi-sexual
  142. Buying my mother the Krishna painting that we love
  143. Her singing for me in your house with you not there
  144. You playing snooker and me losing so badly
  145. Getting my first job because I beat you at snooker
  146. The sms asking who I was on your phone
  147. Your friends apologising for thinking I was in the wrong
  148. Watching my hard work go down the drain with change in management
  149. Wanting a diamond ring
  150. Getting the diamond ring
  151. Seeing the body of the 12 year old
  152. Singing 'Fame' with you on the streets of Perth on our girls night out
  153. Sitting at McDonalds till the sun came up coz we were sure the dorm was spooked
  154. Taking pictures of you naked for the photo assignment and you giggling your head off silly
  155. You driving me to the airport when you didn't have to
  156. Going to a tarot reader for the first time
  157. Sitting on the beach on thanksgiving in the cold
  158. Learning to play the digiridoo
  159. Setting up the Christmas tree and nativity as a child
  160. Giving that beggar a birthday gift coz she said it was her birthday
  161. The diary you wrote me when I was away for 10 days
  162. Driving across town to eat icecream
  163. Spilling the icecream in your brand new car
  164. Your first movie launch
  165. The vase you gave me coz you never give flowers
  166. Crying at my sisters wedding
  167. My bed breaking the night before my sisters wedding
  168. The posters in my room as a child
  169. The one single red rose you bought me in the middle of nowhere
  170. My cabbage patch doll - Gerlinda
  171. The first soft toy that I loved - Silver the dog
  172. The name of my teddy bear - Creepo
  173. The cold water shower at the hotel that made me shiver for an hour
  174. Flying kites as a child in Ahmedabad
  175. Seeing the Taj Mahal with my parents
  176. Walking barefoot to the supermarket from my dorm
  177. Copying during one of my finals
  178. Falling asleep during one of my finals
  179. The smell of Issey Miyake
  180. The first bottle of perfume a man ever gave me
  181. Never finishing the bottle
  182. My first make over
  183. The surprise party my colleagues threw for me on my last day
  184. The guy who introduced us
  185. The crow that would wake me up every morning for school
  186. Playing church hymns on the organ everyday
  187. Singing 'Abide with me' when I was scared
  188. Christmas decorations in Singapore
  189. You making me coffee from scratch
  190. Picking me up from the airport
  191. Keeping me waiting at the airport
  192. Calling me from hospital
  193. Giving me 10 CD's that you burnt for me
  194. Holding a cube of ice in your hand
  195. Sleeping in the overnight train
  196. Speaking to you half asleep
  197. Walking in high heel shoes in the pouring rain
  198. Finding money in my handbag and being thrilled
  199. The look in my sisters eyes when I leave the States every year
  200. The painful feeling of saying Goodbye

I hope you've enjoyed the journey down memory lane with me

If any of you recognize yourself here, leave me a smile...

And lurkers, I'm watching :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The dotted line...

Some days I feel like I am cursed
An evil kind of curse that affects my life
You might find this strange but I also
believe that I am amongst the luckiest people in the
Oxymoron eh
Well yeah no one ever said gemini's were simple
So lately the curse has been at work
We come 'this' close to signing the dotted line and
it slips away...
I should be the one cursing but I try to keep a smile on and my head up high and fight fight fight
Finally today the curse was broken
They signed on the dotted line
The dotted line
Its small but hey the curse is broken

Monday, January 22, 2007

Dance with me

On my desk I have a sign that says

'Work like you don't need the money
Dance like no one is watching
Love like you have never been hurt'

The working and loving part I find easy to do but the dancing like no one is watching is something I have a hard part with...

There was a party a few weeks ago and I finally saw the pictures a few days ago and I was amazed to see this picture of me

I am actually dancing like no one is watching and it just makes me smile

Makes me feel like I should probably do it more often

Last night I was at Starboard (a bar at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai) and my favourite live band was playing there

And there was this couple who jived and tango'd the night away

They looked stunning

Dancing like no one was watching while actually the whole bar's eyes were glued on them

I wish sometimes I could dance like that

Maybe I can but no one asks me to

Reminds me of an old song though 'I wanna dance with somebody'

Dance with me?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Look what my sister found while shopping

Well, my mom and sister were out shopping in Nashville and my sister's heart skipped a beat

There 'she' was

The girl in the picture on the left


She's Iranian but both my mother and sister swore she looked and walked just like me

The long curly hair

The glasses perched on top of her head

Looks like I just found my clone

What say you?

Monday, January 15, 2007


I am a sucker for memories

I don't throw away old cards or letters or photos

Once a year I open up locked drawers and pull out hundreds of old cards and relive the memories of the time and friends gone by

But then those are on days when I am prepared to relive my past and deal with the consequences of my actions

But last night, I got caught off guard

I was not prepared to deal with what was faced before me

I was at this bar with a live band

And all of a sudden

The song began to play

And my hair stood on end

I slowly turned toward the band

And my lips parted and started to mouth the words

My eyes refused to blink

And I started to stare into space

I was far far away

In a distant land with a distant person

The song reminded me when


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tears in my eyes

When was the last time you laughed so much that...

- tears rolled out of your eyes?
- your face changed colours every 3 seconds?
- the sound of laughter eventually became silent but you were still laughing?
- your cheek bones hurt from laughing?
- other tables at the restaurant stared at you to see what was so funny?
- other tables at the restaurant glared at you to see whether they knew you?

All of the above happened last night

And the beauty is I can't remember what was so funny about any of the things that we were laughing about

But I do hope I experience it again sometime real soon