Sunday, April 30, 2006

Expect the Unexpected

And its 3 40 pm in sunny Goa and this is Noojes in her skin uhm not really skin but lime green shorts and a white top blogging to you all about the wondeful time I am having here...

Unfortunately this post will NOT have any pictures - you will have to wait for me to get back to Mumbai for that...

So what have I been upto...

Well my flight to Goa was delayed by an hour so we hung out in the aircraft and made a racket and added a helluva lot of entertainment for the rest of the guys on the flight...We were 20 of us on the flight together - what do you expect?

The bus ride to the hotel was a total riot

It took over an hour in the bus and the suspension was totally ******

I flew up in the air and landed on my cute butt more than once - ha ha

Upon arriving at the hotel I literally jumped into the pool and had my legendary 'Bloody Spicy Bloody Mary' - for those of you who don't know what this is - well its a really bloody spicy bloofy mary with loads of tabasco and pepper - each sip should be a sheer delight and should linger on your tongue for a while

The cold water and the spicy bloody mary and the hot sun - I'm lovin it

That night a couple of us went to Martins Corner for dinner - the spread included lobster, crabs, squid, goan sausage, fish, pork and uhm I can't remember what else...Damn did we eat...

Saturday morning I jumped right back into the pool followed by going to Park Hyatt and then catching up with friends from the ad community from all across the country

I met fellow bloggers Byker guy 'Simply Complicated', Harjee Kapur and Mathanki there...

My feet buried in the sand...

Smile, click

Too many bacardi breezers...

Falling off the hammock three times...

Smile, click


I can't believe you are here...

Smile, click

Can you get me another breezer please - turkish melon please

It's time to get back to the hotel

Eat dinner and off to the beach

Lying on the cold sand, the cool ocean breeze hitting your face...


Lying staring at the stars

Laughing my guts out

Lying still

Off for a long walk on the beach

A longer walk

Yawn, its time for bed...

Today hasn't been too different either

I've managed to work up a slight tan by sitting in the pool all day

Its time for the awards funtion back at the Ad village

Oops I have to be dressed and ready to leave in 30 minutes...

More later BUT before I go, remember




Thursday, April 27, 2006

Go Goa

I am off on friday morning to the sunny sand of Goa...

Here is a bit of Goa that I want to share with you, till I get back...

Mind you, these are places I actually will be over the next couple of days...

The Park Hyatt

I will definitely be swimming in this pool and working on my tan too...

Baga beach - Lucky Star Shack, here I come :)

More Baga beach

And a bit of Calangute beach too...

So fill up my comment box and make me feel missed till I'm back

And remember, its the month of Noojes, so be nice...


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

30 days to 30

In exactly a month I will turn 30...

I hate birthdays

They depress me

Every year a couple of days before the actual day, I go into depression

I don't know why but I do

But this year I've decided to make an event out of it

Well the universe is conspiring to make it an event

I got my first birthday gift two days ago

An Ipod Video - woo hoo

To celebrate 30 days to my birthday I went and did something I've been meaning to do for a long long time

I went and got myself contact lenses

I've never tried them before and figured it about time

I freaked out poking my finger into my eye the first time but I'm sure I'll get used to it

The joy of not having glasses on and being able to see is wonderful

Then I did something else to celebrate

I bought myself a new pair of sunglasses

And yup before you say it, I bought it just in time for Goa...

So life is good and start thinking about the birthday gift you gotta send me...30 days from now...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

A tribute

Going to Goa always re-charges me

It brings me back to being one on one with nature

I love sitting on a deck chair on the beach with the hot sun beating down on me and my book.

I love the breeze blowing my way - bringing messages from far far away

I love finding sea shells buried in the sand

I love building sand castles

while building castles in my mind

I love the sun glistening on the ocean

The sky turning colours from pink to magenta to yellow to colours I cannot even describe during sunset

I love the spicy calamari cooked Goan style with a tinge of sand in my mouth

I love my famous 'Bloody Spicy Bloody Mary' with an extra dash of Tabasco and fresh pepper (the bartender never makes it spicy enough)

I love butter pepper garlic crabs actually swimming in butter pepper and garlic

I love the sun glistening on the swimming pool

I love the sun glistening on the sand

I love the beautiful people just sitting there without a care in the world

I love myself when I am there (even if I am looking phat)

I love my skin changing colours

I love my tan line and how I keep turning sides so as to roast my body evenly

I love the sound of music in the background

I love the feel of sand under my feet

I love the way I prance around when the sand is too hot to walk on

I love watching the boys play ball on the beach

I love sitting in the sunken pool and just basking

I love the cool water and the hot sun beating at the same time confusing my body

I love the sweet slumber at the end of the day at the beach

I love coming back re-charged by nature

Friday, April 21, 2006

The truth or dare devils

Last night we were terrible...

Terrible Terrible Terrible

The Truth or Dare Devils hit 'Wink' with a vengeance

Each one of us was subject to a dare involving other people at the bar (that we obviously did not know)

Me being me needed a bit of assistance with my dare considering I am a Bombay girl and this is my city - lol

The best one in my mind was (guy in white shirt) had to go upto this guy on the other table and ask for his autograph and pretend that he was a rock star - what a riot

Good times

Good times

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I'm not in the mood of saying much today
I know its going to be a hard day at work
I know its going to be a tougher week to get through
But I can see light at the end of the tunnel with Goa at the end of next week
I am pleased to announce that 'Byker Guy' aka Simply complicated will be in Goa too...

What upset me is that '30 and happy' is refusing to come to Goa
She has her reasons, which I shall not disclose - ha ha

So if any of my wonderful friends from bloggerville are attending adfest - do leave me a comment and let me know...

And remember

"Wear Sunscreen"

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Buttoned up or buttoned down

So I was totally miserable yesterday and cursed myself the whole day for being so utterly stupid

What went through my thick head that made me put on a shirt - especially after knowing what I was going to go through

So Lilykins, the buttons did pop. Infact a guy actually came up to me at one point and said "uhm noojes, just pull your shirt a bit willya"

Luckilly he whispered it into my ear and ran...Talk about embaressing eh?

Truth, did your dentist take longer than anticpipated?

CP, I am so ready for a slumber party, just fix a date, pick out a pair of Care Bear PJ's for me and I'll be there BUT only on the condition that Lilykins sings the whole night...LOL

Reb, that is one business I would go into a loss if I owned a wine store...I'm a total Cabernet Sauignon girl. I do enjoy an occasional zinfandel though...what about you?

The next couple of days I'm expecting to be a bit crazy again. The last few days have been alright. I actually have been sitting at work for a bit and playing computer games just to chill in the middle of the afternoon.

Hell I deserve it!

Ha ha

Anyways I better run to work,
its just another Manic Wednesday oh woh oh
I wish it were next friday
Cause thats Going Goa day oh woh oh
And it'll be get a tan day
Its just another manic wednesday...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


So I'm sitting here at the computer

Its 8 25 am and I have to leave for work in 15 minutes at the maximum

And I'm still sipping my first cup of coffee of the day

And today I cannot be late


But I'm still sleepy

Wierd, I was in bed before midnight

Mmmm Coffee

Did you know I always drink a chilled glass of water right after my cup of coffee in the morning

And I take that with my vitamins for the day

Creature of habit, remember

I'm wearing a shirt today

Which is wierd too

I never uhm really rarely wear shirts

I'm more of a top t-shirt kinda girl

But woke up this morning wanting to wear a shirt

And I know I'm going to regret the decision

You know the feeling when your buttons are popping but you keep pulling the shirt down

I hate that...And I can feel it happening already

Maybe I should change?

Friday, April 14, 2006


On thursday, I was back on the road on yet another work trip.
I was tired and wasn't really wanting to go.
But there was no option so I decided to pyske myself up and make sure that I have fun while I'm working

Here I am in the car prepping myelf up for a good trip

When I say, road trip I mean it. The Mumbai Pune expressway is a wonderful road trip.

I decided to take time out and spend some time with myself. I started watching the clouds and remembered my childhood while I saw angels, hamburgers, bows and arrows, rabbits, elephants and various other shapes all made out of the clouds in the sky.

This mountain range in the background has been one of my favourites since I was a child.
Its called the Dukes Nose...Can u see why?

I love lonesome trees...there's something so mystical about them
Je ne sais pas...

The simple quaint life that is such a dream

The sun setting was just stunning that day.

Maybe because I never get the time to watch the sunset when I am at work

But the only song I kept singing the whole trip was

"I see trees of green, red roses too

I see them bloom from me and you

But I think to myself what a wonderful world

I see skies of blue, clouds of white

bright blessed days, dark sacred nights

but i think to myself what a wonderful world"

Hope you guys enjoyed my trip...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Identically wicked

I mentioned to you all about the brand new t shirts I bought day before yesterday

They were really nice

Really thin cotton t shirts

Plain - no print

Nicely cut

And just perfect for summer

They were available in 4 colours

Yellow, Orange, Blue and Green

I bought two - blue and green

Considering I'm going to be back in Goa at the end of month, I thought they would be perfect

But to get used to it, I wore the blue one yesterday with a nice pair of jeans to work

I walked into the office and the girl sitting next to me stood up and burst into laughter

There she was wearing the identical t-shirt in green!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Half days and dinner rolls

I never found the diamond

I turned the house up side down

I turned the car up side down

I even turned my office up side down

It's gone

My parents had their own theory when they saw me upset

They say that something worse was supposed to happen

And the 'nazar' (evil eye) came out on the diamond

Hence we should be happy its gone

This is only cause I didn't lose the whole ring

Had I lost the whole ring there would have been a pandemonium in the house

But the hook broke and the diamond fell out so that wasn't totally my fault

So thats that!

Yesterday I decided to take it easy at work

I ordered chinese lunch from a nearby restaurant just for fun

Noodles, rice, fish, corn cream, the works

This other guy in the office and me sat on the board room table and ate ate and ate some more

After that loverly lunch, I decided taking it easy at work wasn't enough

I wanted time off while the sun was still shining

So I left office at half past four

The sun was still shining and I couldn't believe there was a world alive outside

So I decided to take my 9 year old shopping

And while I was there I saw two cotton T's that were soft and cool and cheap

So I bought them

Then dinner at a friends house who has 2 daughters - Perfect

Girly dinners are always so much fun

The three kids were locked away in a room playing fantasy games, computer games, jenga and what not

My friend and I were in the kitchen making fresh bread from fresh yeast with herbs

We shaped the dinner rolls into snails, flowers, twirly circles, funny faces, plaits etc

And I was still home and in bed by 10 pm


Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Life only gets better or so I think.

Yesterday I was travelling on work, again and ran back home to hang out with my neice.

After putting her to bed I decided to retreat into my bed and have an affair with my DVD player.

I had the film picked out - "Walk the Line"...I'd been meaning to watch it for a while but haven't had the time as you are well aware...

Two hours into the movie, I'm terribly comfortable when I realise I've hurt my hand...hurt in the sense 'scratched' my hand...

I look at my hand and indeed it has been scratched

But by what?

I look at my other hand

And there on my ring finger where a gorgeous little heart diamond used to sit was a huge gaping hole




I'm still looking




But right now I have only one thing to say...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Week 15

I remember week 52 of 2005
I remember thinking what a crap week it was
And I remember hoping and praying that 2006 would be better

So its the onset of week 15 of 2006 and what a year its been
I know I have not been very regular blogging this year but trust me I have not had too many waking hours that I've had free especially in the last couple of weeks

The last couple of days have been totally mad (again)
I don't even know where to begin

Uhm lets see
Its been days of total extremities

I got promoted
Yeah its a huge jump for me and I'm very proud of myself
Am also thrilled coz they gave me a huge huge raise and I'm smilin' about that

An hour after I got news of my promotion
My aunt passed away
My mom's sister
Not here but in Spain
We knew she was going
But it still hurt
This is the last of my moms family
And I can barely remember the last time I saw her
She had a stroke 10 years ago and things were never the same

That killed the partying spirit and besides I had to go to the airport to fetch my niece (the one in boarding school)

Yesterday was spent running errands with my little munchkin (who needed everything new under the sun from running shoes to slippers to sandals to face wash to body wash to conditioner) - She's 9 - I don't remember using face wash at age 9

The day ended with a condolence meeting at home

I actually cried

I didn't think I would

You see I usually don't cry that easilly - not a cry baby at all

But tears just rolled out of my eyes

I cried

But then again at the end of the night, I got an sms from my sister in TN, both her sons just got 50% scholarship in private school

So woo hoo

So I hope you guys understand and hang in there with me...


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I got that!

Sometimes a phone call does that to you

You tend to get so busy in your everyday life that you push stuff out of your head

You shove feelings way down into your heart so you can't feel them pumping up and down

You stop thinking




You just stop

And hear the occassional tick tock





and then you realise that you need to cut your nails

or that you should have fixed something ages ago

And then theres that phone call

The one you never expect

The one you stopped waiting for

The one that stops time from ticking

The one that reminds you to breathe

The one that makes you wonder




And you hear nothing






Sunday, April 02, 2006

I'm really back to the real world

I'm back with a bang
I decided to go out there and paint the town red...
Honestly, after the way that I've been working I honestly thought I deserved it...
So, right after my shoot was called a wrap, I called some friends and viola

"Welcome back Noojes"

An evening is never complete without a glass of red...maybe even two *hic*

I don't know how he survived the shoot with me...raise a toast to Peps...
Peps isn't a wine drinker so I decided to initiate him to rose wine which he calls 'tasty wine' - too cute lol

The weekend got better...Friday night the Advertising Club awards (Abby) and I'm proud to say we're the third most creative agency in the country...whoa whoa whoa...

Pushed up the partying a notch...The Lakme Fashion week grand finale by Ritu Beri...surrounded by beautiful models and celebrities...Isn't Rani just gorgeous?

Met some friends at a new place called 'Wink' followed by the "After Party" of the Fashion week...

It's good to be back...