Friday, March 31, 2006

The real world

The last couple of days have been spent inside a studio buried in the heart of the city...

I was pretty much buried in the studio as well...12 hours...13 hours...14 hours a day...

I soon started to recognize stones, rocks, trees, shrubs and even the roman statues and even gave them a name or two...

Three days of running between changing sets to stylising outfits to handling egos to controlling tempers to keeping hydrated to picking the look for the make-up to running between one vanity van to the other to well you get the picture...

Most people are fascinated with the prospect of being at a shoot. The so called 'glamour' of being on set...

If they only knew the truth...

We finally called the entire shoot a wrap last night after 10 pm

And a select few from the crew were invited back to the star's vanity van for a drink

The prized moment for most (getting to hang out in his personal private vanity van and have a drink with the Bollywood star)

For me, the thought made me shudder

The shoot was over, the work was done and I looked far in the distance and I saw the gate

The gate that had seperated me from the real world for the last couple of days

The gates within which nothing was real

Sets of beaches and homes were built and destroyed

Walls were made from foam and thin layers of wood

And I suddenly realised I needed out

"No thanks" I said

"But it was a real pleasure working with you..."

And I jumped into my car and ran out the gates into the real world

I'm happy to be back...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Put your hands together for ....

My wonderful parents who just celebrated 41 (forty one - had to spell it out incase you read the number wrong) wonderful years together

It amazes me every year

I often wonder if I'll ever manage to live with the same person for 41 years

And I am not even married yet LOL

But this post is not about me but dedicated to my wonderful parents that love me and support me in everything I choose to do and not do... (oops I did it again)

So, how about this - You leave me a comment with something amusing you want to tell my parents about me and I'll censor it and give it to them as an anniversary gift from Bloggerville...

Lets see how well you all do...

Your time starts NOW

Monday, March 27, 2006

The girl in the other room

There are a few problems with being a single girl growing older and hotter by the day

And its not just me facing these problems but most of the hot single women around

And the biggest of these problems seems to be 'married men'

Now its not just 'married married men' but also ex-boyfriends that have decided to take the plunge with someone else and hence fall into the category of 'now married men' and no longer ex-boyfriend

But there is a very slim line to most women between 'ex-boyfriend now married man' and 'married man'

(bit confusing but hang in there)

For some odd reason, most single women think its ok to still be the 'other woman' in their 'ex boyfriend now married man''s life

I think its just outright stupid and wrong

Then again there is a very slim line between being "friends" with him and the "other woman" and an oh so slim line that makes you cross over

Most single women don't even know which side of the fence they are sittin on

And what makes it worse is if the 'wife' doesn't like you

Which is possible and honestly if thats the case, get the hell out of your ex's life

Where is your God Damn self respect?

And that shouldn't be the only reason to keep away from playing second fiddle

Why should you be the other woman?

You're better than that and deserve far better than some piece of shit that wants you on the side

Stop being the girl in the other room

I mean it, this instant!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Send me an angel right now

It's been so long I don't even know where to begin...

Oh well, lets start at the very beginning, a very good place to start...when you read you begin with A B C, when you sing you begin with Do re me

Noojes, Stop singing you don't have the time right now

Ok I know its been over a week but I want to tell you guys that I have been checking my comments and have been peeking over to your page and reading really quickly often on but have not had the time to comment...

Why u ask

Well trust me you don't want to know

But then maybe you do

You probably won't even get the magnitude of the craziness but still

Friday night I worked late

Saturday morning flew to Goa to attend the wedding I told you about

Partied and danced till my feet hurt

Slept 3 hours and caught a flight back home on sunday

Went to work on sunday evening and worked till 11 pm - yup its true

Monday morning left home at 7 am to go to a client meeting 200 kms away

Ran back and made it back to office by 4 pm to prepare for another meeting

That meeting was at 9 30 pm monday night

I got home at 1 30 am

Was back at the airport at 7 am on tuesday morning

Finished my meeting in Hyderabad and was back at office in Mumbai by 6 pm

Stayed at work till 10 30 pm

Errr should I stop?

Well this madness is still continuing

And it will till the end of next week

I have a huge photo shoot with a Bollywood star next week

Too much planning requried for that too

But on a more serious note

I would like to send up a prayer for a dear friend that passed away on Monday

Mahesh V is one of the greatest minds I've known

And I can't believe that he is no longer with us

Send up a prayer for him

I can't believe he is gone

Friday, March 17, 2006

Love or in love?

Today I was having a conversation with my hairstylist on the phone

Yeah as corny as it sounds, I'm actually friends with my stylist

The only thing is that we've taken it a bit further

1. Instead of just 'me' talking about 'my' problems, 'we' discuss our lives

2. We don't just talk when I'm sitting on her chair (yikes makes me sound like she's my shrink)...but we talk on the phone and stuff

Anways I love my 'Sophielocks'...thats what I call her...

So Sophielocks called me today and half way through the conversation she said,

"I love X but I'm not in love with him...But I'm in love with Y"

That got me thinking...

Is there really a difference in 'loving' and being 'in love'?

Tell me what you think...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I spy with my little eye...

I've started to type out this post and I'm drawing a complete blank

I usually have a concept in my head about what the post is going to be about but today - nothin - nada - not even a big white egg

So, I've been working hard and late the last couple of days - thank God for the holiday yesterday to return my sanity

But another thing that I've been doing to keep my sanity is playing "Mystery Case Files Huntsville" on yahoo games

Its been a while since a game got me so hooked

I was obsessed with finishing the game

I was dreaming about it at night

I was seeing things all the time everywhere (you'll understand what I mean when you play the game)


Try it especially if you believe you have an eye for detail

I'm proud to mention though, that I've cracked the game

Applause applause

Other than that my life feels like its tied up into a huge knot

There is a wedding I need to attend in Goa over the weekend

And although I'm booked on the flights and have an outfit and everything

I just don't want to go

Its like, everytime there is a wedding to attend I want to run a million miles in the opposite direction

But I will be going

And I will put on a face


I promise

Two people I know are in hospital at the moment

I went and visited one today

I hate hospitals

The sterile smell

The cold temperatures

People crying

People just waiting


People sick

You never seem to see the happy people with little babies being born when you enter a hospital

Thats probably why I'm in a strange mood and rambling on and on

In any case, I'll end with a joke

Mother: "How was your English test today?"

Son: "Very good, I didn't know the answer to only one question."

Mother: "What was it?"

Son: "What is the past tense of the verb 'to think'... ... ... So, I thought and I thought and I thought and then finally I wrote 'thunk'"

And on that note, I wish you all a very good night

Tell me your favourite joke...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Holi is the 'festival of colour' that is celebrated in India marking the advent of spring...

People colour themselves and others with coloured powder and water...

Others get water guns and water balloons and target friends and passer-bys...

Its quite beautiful in its own way...

I haven't played Holi in the last two years...

I stopped enjoying it a couple of years ago...

But every year friends would show up at my apartment building and threaten to come upstairs and mess up the house if I wouldn't go and play Holi with them...

Holi used to be a whole day affair for me...

Leave home at 10 am...

Go around the city meeting friends and colouring them up from head to toe...

Laughing, singing...

Teeth chattering...

Its also the day that "Bhang" is consumed in large quantities...

(Bhang was first used as an intoxicant in India around 1000 BC and soon became an integral part of Hindu culture. In the ancient text Artharvaveda, Bhang is described as a beneficial herb that “releases anxiety”. Bhang preparations were sacred to Gods, particularly Shiva. One of Shiva’s epithets was “Lord of Bhang” as he is said to have discovered the transcendental properties of the mixture....Lifted from - I say its like pot)

I remember having bhang in various forms over the years only on Holi

Bhang Thandai (Milkshake of sorts), Bhang Samosa, Bhang Mithai (sweetmeats)

We'd spend the rest of the morning singing songs on the streets until we'd be dry enough to find someplace to serve us lunch - yes we're still coloured...

Lunch is always entertaining on Holi...You eat too much...drink some beer and pretty much waste yourself away...Ahh the joys of being young...

But this year, I've managed to lock myself up in my room...

My DVD player and I had an affair all day...

Not quite holi but I've treated it like a 'holi'day instead...

Happy Holi everyone...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Take a bow, the night is over...

I love working a five day week
Sure there are weekends that I have to work my butt off
But my non-working weekends are always pleasurable
Even if I do nothing over the weekend
I never plan a Saturday
Sundays are usually movie and dinner days
But Saturdays are usually non planned, go with the flow kind of days

Yesterday I decided to do something totally selfless
I escorted my friends daughters (8 and 4) to a swimming birthday party
Their father is down with typhoid and the poor mother is playing nurse
20 screaming kids in a pool
20 screaming kids in the shower
19 sceaming kids in the play area
Oops one is missing
Found her
20 screaming kids for food

I scream
You scream
We all scream
For ice-cream

I love those kids
I really do
And I'm glad I took the kids
It was worth it for the smile on their faces

Last night my calendar was a bit overbooked
Singles dinner followed by a bachelorette party

Singles dinner last night was at Cafe Sidewok
It ended up being so much fun I showed up late at the bachelorette party

I dressed up, put on a face
And sang the night away

After I finshed singing, I went back to my friends

This guy on the other table

Who I later found out is a guitarist and singer with a local band

Came up to me and held out his hand

"Can I have this dance?" he said

I felt like I was 15 at my school prom

"I'm a bit rusty" I said

He held my hand and led me to the floor

Where we did a solo jive

I was a bit rusty to be honest

But I put on a decent show

I swivelled

I turned

I let him lead me and spin me round and round

I love dancing in high heel shoes...

The bachlorette party was a blast as well

I danced more

I danced some more

I danced even more

On the way home, I called Mr Italy

Had a wonderful conversation

Tucked my self into bed after taking my face off

And woke up to 'Banana Pancakes'

Take a bow, the night is over

Friday, March 10, 2006

You spin me right round baby

'You spin me
right round baby
right round
like a record baby
right round
round round'
Last night the single's club was at it again.
This time we hit one of my favorite haunts
The Pearl of the Orient
The only revolving restaurant in the city
Perched high up on Marine Drive
With some of the most spectacular views ever
Honestly this city never ceases to amaze me
Its stunning
Even though its over-populated
Its simply stunning
The British Raj architecture that still stands tall
The ocean view all across the city
The colour
The vibrancy
The cars
The lights
The buzz
It still amazes me
When was the last time you took time out to love your city?
I know I just did and...
I heart Bombay

Thursday, March 09, 2006

New and Improved

Spot the difference

And really quickly before I leave for work...

Guess what Mr Friend did yesterday...

He sent me this...

Guess I am a natural woman eh...LOL

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Drop by drop down the drain

I was washing my hair this morning

You know, the usual routine


Shampoo again

Deep condition


Sing a song

Wait some more

Sing another song while you lather yourself

Rinse body

Rinse the hair

It was during the rinsing of hair that I felt something

I felt like the water was washing away everything I have been feeling for the last few days

And I continued to allow it wash it all away

Drop by drop by drop

Down the drain...

I'll be back better than before, sooner than you can say


Monday, March 06, 2006

Swing me like a pendulum

Not to sound whiny or anything like that

I'm still not happy

Hey don't get me wrong

I'm not sad either

Its just that I'm currently swinging between being comfortably numb and uncomfortably numb

There are moments in the day that I'm laughing and jovial and skipping all the way to the loo

Skip skip skip to the loo
Skip skip skip to my loo
Skip skip skip to any loo
Skip to the loo my dahling

I've got another one better than you
I've got another one worse than you
I've got another one aaachoo (excuse me)
Skip to the loo my dahling

And moments that I can barely be bothered to do anything

I don't feel like talking on the phone

I don't feel like chatting

And then again


I'm laughing and smiling

And twirling around on my heel heel shoes in the middle of the office

Like a little ballerina

Like lets see, at this exact moment 11:15 pm on Monday night, I am feeling...


Pleasantly numb

Yeah, pleasantly numb is a decent way to be

Don't worry about it...Pleasantly numb is fine!

But I'll give you something else to chew on

Yesterday I met up with Mr 6'3"

And halfway through the conversation I asked him

"How come you don't have a girlfriend?"

He replied immediately "I travel way too much to have a girlfriend"

He then said -

"Mohono, (thats what he insists on calling me) Why don't you have a boyfriend?"

And I stopped to think

And I said,

"I don't know... I really don't know"

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Fighting Time-Out

I've decided to take a dose of truth serum today

So if you can't handle the truth and me rambling...I suggest you leave now...

I have not been terribly happy lately

I've been on the verge of taking a serious 'Time-Out'

'Time-Out' in Noojes language means not taking calls, not going out, spending way too much time alone - mainly thinking at the time...

There are way too many reasons for me to take time out

There's just way too much happening in my life at the moment

Emotionally, Professionally...

And at times I just can't take it any more

And it usually leads to a serious time out

But my time outs never last more then 72 hours

I call it my 72 hour rule

Behave badly - only for 72 hours

Want to cry - 72 hours at the max

Want to mourn a loss - 72 hours

Never a moment more...

With me, its usually never a moment less either when I take a time out

But this time, I'm fighting taking a time-out

I'm actually pushing myself to go out

I'm pushing myself to say everything will be ok

"The sun will come out tomorrow

Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow

There'll be sun

Just thinkin about tomorrow..."

What I really feel like doing at the moment is

Catching a flight

Straight to Nashville, TN

Thats my international hide out

Where I can't run but surely can hide

Atleast for a while

Live the Suburban American life

Yesterday one of my closest married friends from St Martin called me

Her life has just changed totally

Not once in the conversation did she ask me how I am

All she spoke of was her baby boy

She didn't even ask how I was...

And I didn't say either...

Hmmm, it upset me a bit...

At the same time on call wait

A man from St Thomas - lets call him Mr Italy for all future reference...

(call it co-incidence that they both thought of me and called at the exact same moment)

(this is the one that invited me to Italy)

I've realised over the years that he always calls me when he is drinking

The famous Drunk Dial

But he has known me for years and years

Damn, he even offered me a diamond ring a couple of years ago

I said no at the time...

Anyways Mr Italy said "AJ, I still worship you"

(AJ is what he calls me)

Worship what kind of crap is that?

I'm rambling...I better go...

Run run run
Hide hide hide
I wanna stop the clock...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

You make me feel like a 'Natural Woman'

Picture this

Last night at dinner

Dinner at Oh! Calcutta

Food was divine as always

Mustard fish curry with steamed rice is to die for

(And no I did not miss chicken at all)

Me sitting there

Not yet cross legged but inching my way up

No face on (that in noojes talk means No Make-up)

And Mr Friend turns around and says

"Noojes, You're so UNWOMANLY'

I was not sure whether to laugh or cry

Was that a compliment or an insult

Mr Friend insisted on it being a compliment and went on to make a list of things that we so unwomanly about me...

Read on

Top 10 reasons for Noojes being 'Unwomanly' by Mr Friend

Reason 1
Noojes hates shopping
Noojes will never be found just browsing for no reason at all. She enters a store when she needs something and leaves right after getting it

Reason 2
Noojes drives fabulously
In a country where most women on the wheel are a disaster waiting to happen...Noojes is simply fabulous (even if I say so myself ;))

Reason 3
Noojes can reverse park up a hill
Not many men can do that! Trust me!

Reason 4
Noojes doesn't sit home and sulk
Its true. Believe it.

Reason 5
Noojes doesn't watch / count calories
Give Noojes a foundue any day and she'll eat it...Never counted a calorie in her life...But honestly its time she did

Reason 6
Noojes doesn't brush her hair a million times a day
She doesn't even carry a hair brush in her handbag...

Reason 7
Noojes doesn't mind going out without a face on
As long as its no where tremendously fancy, Noojes will go out without a face on...No wonder I'm still single...

Reason 8
Noojes isn't fascinated with lipstick and colours of lipstick
At most times, she doesn't even have lipstick on...

Reason 9
Noojes doesn't take long to get dressed
At times, she manages to get dressed quicker than the men after putting a face on

Reason 10
Noojes doesn't giggle after having a drink or two
Noojes can hold her wine...

I'm not sure if thats reason enough to call me unwomanly...

You decide...

But before you go, remember this...

Noojes loves high heels

Noojes loves jewellary

Noojes loves diamonds

Noojes loves Pink

Noojes loves being romantic

Noojes loves flowers especially orchids

Noojes loves having her manicures and pedicures

Now, You decide

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My very own Magic Kingdom

Yesterday, I was sitting at my desk at work

Well actually I was cross legged

I have this fascination for sitting cross legged everywhere

On planes (yeah I'm short)

At work

At restaurants

In the car

Well you get the picture

So, I was sitting at my desk yesterday at work

And surfing through children's sites on the net

with specific reference to Childrens' Tv channel sites

Cartoon network, Pogo, Disney...

And thats where I stopped


I absolutely love Minnie Mouse

I first saw her way back in 1984 in Japan Disneyland

And then again last year in Orlando

I actually pranced around like a little child when it came to me taking a picture with her

'I'm just a little girl' I say, fluttering my eye lids

I keep forgetting how much of a child I still am

I still have soft toys in my room

I love wearing pink

I even own pink pants :)

Nevertheless, I love the way Disney markets its princesses

Damn they're gorgeous

"I want to be a princess too"


I'm going to behave now

No but honestly

Today is "Remember the child in you day"

And I don't care if you have children screaming in the house

You have to spend atleast 10 minutes alone remembering what it feels like to be a child

Play a game

Hug a soft toy

Whatever it is

Be a child

PS - Mickey Mouse is a RAT!