Tuesday, November 28, 2006


So my friends and I do silly things sometimes

Well maybe we do silly things more often than not

But sometimes these silly things end up becoming je ne sais - Traditions of sorts

Allow me to explain

A couple of years ago, we needed a reason to go out to dinner and we realised that it was the 26th of November

No big deal right - it was just another day

But hey wait - its actually Noojes's half birthday

Yeah you heard it right - her half birthday

So what did we do - we all got dressed up, went out to dinner and celebrated the birthday with cake et al

This has become a tradition that will probably go down in history as the most sweet yet ridiculous things that I have done in my youth ;)

Nevertheless sunday night was my half birthday - and just like tradition, there was dinner, a bottle of red wine with a cake and candle to top it all

Happy half birthday to me :)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

My bubble turns one

Its been a year since I started blogging
Yeah maybe I don't have much to show for it on the blog
But actually wait I do

I actually made friends here in Bloggerville
Some I met
Some I hope to meet at some point in life

I've actually convinced a couple of people to start blogging and some of them became more popular than me

But being popular was never the reason for this blog

Infact it created problems in my life which was why I needed to hold back sometimes and not pour my heart out totally

That made me start a new blog but I was scared to say things there as well

So I went back to my good ol handwritten diary and wrote in pen and ink what my head and my heart fought over

Over the last year Bloggerville taught me a thing or two

I learnt that I'm not the only one with strange problems - hell everyone has them

I learnt that there are so many like minded people like me in the world

I loved the fact that time zones, distances have nothing to do with the connection you make with making friends and it is possible to make friends over blogs, messenger and email and actually 'connect' with them without holding back - Jerrykins you know what I am talking about...

I've learnt that it doesn't matter how busy you are, you could have 3 kids and still make time for blogging - its important to make time for yourself

I've learnt that a strangers ups and downs can impact your day

I've made friends that I've met in bloggerville that I've had meals with - Arete my sweetness, Byker guy...

There are so many things I have enjoyed during this ride...

I hope I brightened your lives through my bubble over the last year...

Its been fun

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Just call me 'Principessa'

As a child I always dreamt of being a princess

Well I guess every girl does at some point

The dream of Prince Charming

The Castle

The Charriott

The beautiful clothes, hair, the perfect skin

Its perfection in the bubble where nothing can go wrong

Well my bubble allowed me to feel like a princess over the last 48 hours

I was wined and dined by over 7-8 different people who refused to allow me to pick up the tab

Wined and dined at the finest restaurants and bars

Wined and dined with the finest wines available

Driven around in a spanking new Mercedes Benz where the leather still smelt new and the car still had that fabulous new car smell that I love

And Mr Benz is gorgeous to top it all

We went to this 'after party' at some socialites house and it was such fun to watch the girls swooning after Mr Benz

What was more fun was him not paying any attention to them

People arguing over who will drop me home

Some days I just feel like a Principessa and I absolutely love those days

I'm sure you would too ;)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Shades of Grey

I'm running out the door

On my way to the airport

And I'm late for my flight

And I just realised that I have only carried blacks, whites and greys for the entire trip

Will be back saturday

Lets just pray that my mood isn't in shades of grey ;)

See you soon my loverlies ;)


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oops almost forgot to tell you

Something happened a few days ago that made me jump for joy and squeal in delight

And I did all this in my office

Well I won my first business pitch in my new job

Woo Hoo

Yipee Yoo Yaaa


Thank you God!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Gangai Konda Chola Puram

This temple in my mind was the most fascinating of them all.

It is one of the very ancient temples of Tamil Nadu, built in the Chola style. It was built by Rajendra Cholan, son of Raja Raja Cholan who built the Big Temple - Brahedeeswarar Temple - of Thanjavur. (which I also saw).

It was the desire of Rajendra Cholan to consecrate a temple similar to the one built by his father and he patterned Gangai Konda Cholapuram as a replica of the Big Temple.

GangaiKondaCholapuram received World Heritage Status on 2004.

This was the only day the Sun Gods blessed us with sunshine (the other days were floods and cyclonic winds)

We took time out to bask in the sun and roll around the green green grass of home.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mahaballipuram rocks!

Mahabalipuram with its picturesque location on a rocky outcrop between the beach and a lagoon is a happy combination of history, good beaches, hassle-free tourism and fabulous fish and lobster! Despite the many visitors, drawn by the former Pallava dynasty town, the place is friendly, relaxed, and the villagers are remarkably unperturbed by their crowds of visitors. Mahabalipuram is renowned for its series of charming rathas and the spectacular carved relief depicting Arjuna's Penance. The magnificent Shore Temple, built by king Rajasimha in the seventh century, is a unique temple that houses the shrines of both Shiva and Vishnu while the Varaha Cave is one of the many rock-cut caves in Mahabalipuram. The Krishna Mandapam has a bas-relief of Lord Krishna lifting the Govardhan hill in his fingertips.

Arjuna's Penance, an enormous relief made on two huge boulders, is the universe itself in stone, throbbing with a vastness of conception. This colossus of art, 27 metres long and 9 metres high, is perhaps the world's largest bas-relief. The cleft in the rock depicts the descent of the Ganga, brought to earth by King Bhagiratha to redeem the cursed souls of his ancestors. The two large elephants are remarkable for their artistry, and so are the scenes from the Panchatantra. There is a forest with tribal people and all forms of animal life, just as they would appear in their habitat. Women are clothed in an aura of ineffable grace, a rich inner beauty transfiguring the plainest of them. The whole scene has a delicate edge of humour. Juxtaposed against the ascetic is a cat doing rigorous penance too, eyes firmly shut, even to the delectable mice scampering around within easy reach.