Friday, February 23, 2007

Leaving me and going away...

I've known him for years
For years we speak

We've worked together
But never a shiek

The silent sorts
But wicked inside

I know things about him
Him admitting aside

He's going away
So far away now

I can't bear to imagine
The office without his sound

I will miss one thing
The thing so pure and so true

The way he says the name he calls me
'Babushka' - so warm so new

I'll miss you C

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Men and flowers

My phone rang today and I was thrilled to see the name blinking away

A name I had not seen in ages

So I answered the phone and before even saying hello said

"You're late. Valentines day was last week"

And he laughed

He always did and still does

And his laughing made me laugh too

A very very contagious laughter

People around me started to starre at me hearing me laugh from the bottom of my heart

"Valentines day is whenever I hear your voice" he said

And we laughed some more

And people continued to stare

I dated him years ago for a very short time

But remained friends

Though not the everyday kind of friends

The kind of friends that when he heard my grandmother passed away and I was alone, drove over an hour to come and see me and sit with me at 11 pm till I ate and calmed down

We had a lovely conversation


Updated each other on our lives

Promised to meet soon (we always plan but never do)

And then the call was over

And I remembered

This was the same man that never believed in giving me flowers

He never did

What he did instead was give me a beautiful crystal vase

With a message

"I will never buy you or give you flowers. But whenever anyone else does, you will put them in this vase and think of me"

And the truth is,

Its true

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Two seconds

I meet alot of people in my line of work

Which basically means I give out loads of visiting cards and shake hands alot

Over the years I've learnt the art of shaking hands properly

A nice tight grasp

Not for too long and not too short either

No over-done up down movements

Eye contact

Its pretty much boiled down to perfection

But yesterday I got caught off guard

This gentleman came up to me and shook my hand to say good bye

And I suddenly felt like his green eyes were staring right down into my soul

Those 2 seconds felt like a lifetime

And it felt like there was no one else around

Like I was in some other dimension of sorts

And I haven't been able to get it out of my mind

I've heard of being stuck in a lip-lock but this was like an eye-lock of sorts

And even after writing this, I still can't get those two seconds out of my mind

Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm getting that sinking feeling...

I just knew it last night

I was in the office at around 10 pm when it suddenly hit me

Like a knife cutting through my body



When you realise that nothing is going to help anymore

When even smells around you start to annoy you

Smells that you never noticed before

Now enveloping your body

Your tongue suddenly feels too big to fit in your tiny mouth

And it just lays there



Your eyes smaller


Like with every blink you fear a tear falling

I'm coming down with the flu

And I feel awful

Boo Hoo

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Back to Valentines Day

I believe I am amongst the luckiest women in the world

I truly do

I love and have been loved

Yeah so I may not have the 'Perfect Life' so as to say - (meaning a husband and a suburban home and three kids running around driving me absolutely nutty) but I do have a job, a great family, outstanding friends and a booming career (pretty perfect in my mind)

So, I don't have a boyfriend either

It doesn't really bother me all that much

Except on certain occassions

For example, showing up at certain parties without a date, err new years eve and the absolutely dreaded marketing gimmic of the year - Valentines Day

Don't get me wrong, I am a DIE HARD ROMANTIC

Flowers, little blue boxes with white ribbons (we all know what those are), those certain je ne sais pas...they all work for me

And I do pride myself on probably having one of the most romantic valentines in the history of mankind as far as I am concerned...

But I have been single for a long time now

Its Valentines though

And I hope I get flowers

I love flowers

Even if it is a single rose from the middle of no where

Those are the best

Especially when they are not expected

But when someone promises you flowers from the previous life to the next

You can't help but pray to get them

Anonymously if that be the case...

Leave me flowers with smiles with your comments :)

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

My face says alot it seems...

I was walking around my corporate office the other day and I bumped into this well renowned face reader

Curious as I am, I asked him if he would indulge me

These are some of the highlights of our meeting

1. I will live to the ripe old age of 89
2. After the age of 65 I will devote my life to my family and to the Lord, sitting in my temple and praying
3. I am a devout human being even today (more than the average person)
4. He said that I changed jobs just recently and for the reason of bringing fame and recognition to the company (So true)

5. He said I will leave India in a few years
6. I will start my own business in a few years and give up working for other people
7. I am blessed by Goddess Laxmi (The Goddess of Wealth)
8. I was cursed a few years ago with regard to my relationships
9. I will have two children, a boy and a girl
10. I will venerate my husband and press his feet everyday (This I gotta see)

On another note, the last couple of days have been insane where work is concerned.

I worked 28 hours non stop on my feet the other night and the after effects on my body remind me that I am not as young as I used to be - ouch

That made me go to work yesterday in sneakers and not just any sneakers - PINK sneakers

I was expecting it to be a regular day at work and didn't have meetings planned

But trust my luck, I had to go to this Channel party last night far away from where I live and I had to go dressed as I was

I showed up at this Five Star hotel complete with filmi crowd and corporate crowd all dressed to the hilt and there I was no make up, hair bunned up on top of my head and PINK sneakers on

Talk about looking ridiculous

Thats all for now folks

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Life is...

Last night I was in bed thinking about life

And the famous quote
"Life is like a box of chocolate, You never know what you're gonna get" kept ringing in my ear...

It got me thinking

And it suddenly dawned on me

"Life is like a game of snooker. You start out with a focus and end up all over the place"

It made me chuckle

And if you decide to repeat it

Remember you heard it here first

Who knows this quotation might make me famous one day...

Whats your opinion?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

My meeting with HH Dalai Lama

On 31st January 2007, I had the privilege of meeting His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet in a private meeting.

You might recall my previous meeting with His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shanker

Just like the luck of the private encounter with HH Sri Sri Ravi Shanker, the invite to meet with HH Dalai Lama just fell in my lap.

It meant me leaving home at an uneartly hour of the morning all adorned in an Indian outfit (out of sheer respect) to meet HH at a prime Mumbai hotel with just over a hundred devotees.

His Holiness is a calming presence and mind you I don't say 'has' a calming presence, he is a calming presence

He has an aura around him...

Its hard for me to say more...

I guess you should have been there...